Venopower Compression Socks Free Innovative Design And Medical Technology Increases Blood Circulation By A Minimum Of 26% Guaranteed Results For Everyone (M 9 W 11)

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  • 26%- 45% INCREASED OXYGEN & BLOOD CIRCULATION - Unlike compression socks which only stimulate the calf muscle to assist in circulation, VenoPower activates both the calf and venous foot pump simultaneously. As the only activator of both blood pumping muscles in the foot and calf, VenoPower discreet shoe inserts can increase oxygen rich blood circulation at least 26%, with additional improved support, performance and comfort. Relief of varicose veins, poor circulation, pain ect.

  • REPLACE PAINFUL, EXPENSIVE, SWEATY COMPRESSION SOCKS - one pair of unisex inserts will replace a dozen pairs of embarrassing compression stockings that cause pain! Say goodbye to hiding your legs and hello to shorts and dresses ! Replace socks with a set of undetectable inserts that offer triple the POWER, and proven results! Socks do not compare to VenoPower, because they only stimulate the calf muscle, and not the venous foot pump- the most import muscle for venous flow!

  • TAKE YOUR PERFORMANCE TO THE NEXT LEVEL -Fall in love with your EFFORTLESS Stamina and boosted ENERGY. Perfect for daily use or extreme races! All ages , from all walks of life enhance their DAILY and ATHLETIC performance with the MAGICAL natural device innovated by VenoPower. Enhance your Performance AND Recovery with the significant increase of oxygen rich blood circulation! You don't have a reason NOT to try VenoPower - Proven true with every step after first use.

  • GAME CHANGER- NOT JUST FOR THOSE AFFLICTED WITH POOR CIRCULATION: The venous foot pump flushes the oxygen rich blood from the foot, up the leg and towards the heart. Whereas the calf muscle directs the blood down through the leg where it deposits into the foot. Compression socks do not prevent pooling of blood in the feet, nor does it prevent the risks associated with poor circulation. 26 % of compression users wear the wrong size and 29 % of users do not wearing them correctly.Fits XS to XXXL

  • MADE IN GERMANY: DESIGNED AND TESTED BY DOCTORS: patented medical technology created by podiatrist , vascular specialist , the German Institute for Sports Medicine and the Sport Academy of the University in Karlsruhe. Thin and flexible design fits comfortably in any shoe without creating additional tightness, wear with original insole. Eliminates odor while absorbing pain from shock - in your heels and back! Prevent poor circulation, swelling, edema, deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, fatig

  • Size : M 9 W 11

A must have for men and women: any age, weight, and height. The average blood circulation in the feet and legs was increased by AT LEAST 26%, and up to 45% after ONE use. Prevent and reduce the negative effects of poor circulation. VenoPower is a NO BRAINER! Wouldn't you want the same heart healthy results from cardio without having to go to the gym, and TRIPLE the blood circulation and performance enhancement when you did? We offer the all in one hassle-free solution, innovated by German Research clinics and renowned Vascular specialists. It has become the preferred alternative to compression socks for those looking to improve their performance and health simultaneously, and with ease! This innovative design and medical technology has allowed VP to rise above and provide THREE TIMES THE POWER of painful, embarrassing compression stockings. DESIGNED WITH THE HUMAN BODY IN MIND- TESTS AND TRIALS PROVIDE RESEARCH THAT THE VP INSERT IS UNLIKE ANYTHING ON THE MARKET. DESIGNED FOR ATHLETES, PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS, HEALTH ENTHUSIASTS, COUCH POTATOES, THE OCCASIONAL WALKER, THE EVERYDAY RUNNER, THE CITY SHOPPER & MOUNTAIN HIKERS. Our inserts provide premium comfort, support & flexibility for all shoe types. The contour design takes natural reflexology into account, while providing a solution for the most common ailments, such as pain and poor circulation. Provides true graduated compression results, without the discomfort, to promote blood circulation and oxygen flow, prevent cramping, fatigue, swelling, help muscle recovery, spider, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis and diabetic. Feel the shock absorption effect instantly, which helps to reduce fatigue, Blood clots, Leg cramps, Nerve issues Muscle cramps, Shin splints, Tendinitis, Knee pain, Sciatica, numbness , pregnancy swelling. Forget the thigh high, ankle, calf, toeless, opentoe socks and air compression pumps.