Unii Silicone Wedding Ring | Safety Rubber Wedding Band | Athletic Ring For Active Men | Thin Groove Ring 7Mm Wide | Best Alternative For Work, Mechanics, Sports, Workout Ring | Turquoise - Size 9

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  • BE ELEGANT - Designed in France, Unii silicone wedding ring combines glossy & matte aspects. Beveled edge, 7mm width and thin groove. Non metal jewelry has never been so classy!

  • BE SAFE - Stretchy, non conductive, medical grade hypoallergenic silicone: prevents any finger injury or degloving. Best alternative for workers: mechanics, electricians, welders, police officers, law enforcement, military, firefighters, construction...

  • BE ACTIVE - Lightweight breathable ring for athletes. Keep it on when exercising: gym workouts, fitness, crossfit, weight lifting, outdoor sports... Functional & durable: no alterations due to sweat, water or chemicals.

  • BE UNITED - Engraved logo inside: reminder of your Union & symbol of eternal love for your partner/husband. Perfect gift for him: Birthday, Valentine's/Father's day, Christmas...

  • BE FREE - Ultra soft & flexible rubber wedding band. You won't even notice it! True to size (International Sizing Standards). Half sizes should size up. RIGHT FIT GUARANTEE & LIFETIME WARRANTY, no questions asked!

  • Color : Turquoise Gray

  • Size : 9~9.5 (18.9mm)

Be Elegant

Our Unii silicone wedding ring, designed in France with care combines glossy and matte aspects. Its beveled edge, 7mm bandwidth and thin groove fits both men and women and any style or occasion. Metal-free jewelry has never been so classy!

Be Safe

Made from medical grade hypoallergenic silicone, our stretchy non-conductive silicone ring will prevent any finger injury or degloving. Designed to breakaway in case of emergency, this ring is the perfect balance between flexibility and durability. Thus, this is the best alternative for workers: mechanics, electricians, welders, Police Officers, members of the military, firefighters, construction workers...

Be Active

Our lightweight ring will follow you everywhere, you won't even notice it! Athletes and travelers can keep our lightweight breathable on wherever they go. Gym workouts, running, water/outdoor sports, fitness, training, climbing, crossfit, weight lifting... you name it! Your functional ring will stay put no matter what, and its durable material won't suffer any scratches nor alterations due to sweat or chemicals.

Be United

Unii stands for the UNION of two UNIQUE individuals. Our subtle logo engraved inside the ring symbolizes eternal love for a partner, husband or wife. It is the most attentive gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, Valentine's day, Mother's day, Father's day, Christmas, or simply to show your love to someone special.

Be Free

Our Unii rubber band is ultra thin and soft for added comfort. Its shape and flexibility can fit any finger, even those with large knuckles or arthritis. No need to worry about anything: contact us anytime to use our RIGHT FIT GUARANTEE or LIFETIME WARRANTY and exchange your Unii ring for FREE, no questions asked.

Our rings are true to size according to Jewelers International Sizing Standards, half sizes should size up.