Roq Silicone Wedding Ring For Women, Set Of 4 Thin Stackable Silicone Rubber Wedding Bands Lines - Turquoise, White, Black With Turquoise Glitter, Silver - Size 8

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  • PREMIUM MATERIAL - Medical grade, Hypoallergenic

  • OPTIMIZED DIMENSIONS - Width 2.5mm Thikness 2mm

  • STYLISH COLORS - Each Ring Enhance The Others, Perfect Combination

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarentee

  • Color : Lines: Black with Turquoise Glitter, White, Turquoise, Silver

  • Size : 8 - 8.5 (18.1mm)

High quality affordable silicone wedding rings from ROQ house.

We have created for you the perfect silicone wedding bands combination. We are 100% sure that you will get many compliments no matter where you are with those amazing rings.
We beleive in a great customer service and will be available for your questions 24/8