Isolator Fitness Isojug Insulated One Gallon Water Jug Holder With Isobrick And Shoulder Strap -Made In Usa (Purple)

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  • REUSABLE ISOBRICK INCLUDED: 12oz Reusable Icepack will help keep you water cold all day! The ISOJUG will fit any milk style one gallon water jug and has easy access top lid. Water Hydration is the key to a healthy life and with the Isolator Fitness ISOJUG we will help you get to your goals!

  • MADE IN THE USA! This one gallon water jug holder is hand assembled in Reading, PA It weighs 1/2 pounds(no water) & measures 6.5 x6.5 x10.5 , designed for convenience, style and functionality. For convenience Includes padded shoulder strap & a handle for carrying comfort plus 1 leak proof ice brick. The ISOJUG has a lifetime warranty on our American made zippers & stitching, w/registration. Isolator Fitness is recognized for quality and durability of their products.

  • IDEAL FOR PEOPLE LEADING BUSY, HEALTH CONSCIOUS LIVES Healthy eating on-the-go can be expensive and hard to do when not preparing your own water. It can also be cumbersome without an organized system, not to mention costly if the bag you do use is of inferior quality and the food spoils. Investing in a high quality water management bag is imperative. There are many water bottles for adults available but none match our quality. Invest in yourself and buy the BEST..ISOJUG!!

  • A HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE, 3 COMPARTMENT, WATER BOTTLE CARRYING SYSTEM! Keeps water cold for 10 hours! The fully insulated, stay cold compartment has easy, access to place you bottle in. The ISOJUG allows you stylishly carry your water and your accessories anywhere, without looking like THAT PERSON with carrying a 1 gallon water jug everywhere. Hydration is KEY! The 2 outside mesh pockets will hold your keys, cell phone, small wallet. This is a MUST have system for an active and healthy lifestyle!

  • MEAL PREP EXTRAS! Isolator Fitness is dedicated to health & fitness and offer a FREE 200+pg meal prep encyclopedia, cookbook/recipes & YouTube videos. Many sizes & configurations to choose from & most fit under the seat on an airplane! ISOBAG 3 & 6 meal, ISOMINI 2 meal, ISOPACK 6 meal backpack, ISOCUBE 3 & 6 meal, ISODUFFLE gym bag/modular meal bag & THE JUG insulated gallon bottle holder. Accessories: a harness/sidekick to turn ISOBAG into a backpack & additional containers & ISObricks

  • Color : Purple

  • Size : ISOJUG

THE HIGHEST QUALITY 1 GALLON WATER JUG HOLDER YOU CAN BUY: ISOJUG We claim that the ISOJUG is the world's best water jug holder/ cooler & we mean it! We use only Prop 65 compliant materials, top quality YKK Zippers, heavy insulation, top of the line chilling ISOBRICK and it's hand assembled in the USA! The ISOJUG is the ULTIMATE water bottle cooler / holder! Durable and highly versatile, fitting almost any 1 Gallon water Jug. Carry you water in style with the best water jug cooler. The 2 Side pockets allow you to put your keys, wallet, and phone in a safe spot while carrying your water on you shoulder with the durable shoulder strap or by the rugged handle sewn on the side. The ISOJUG is a reflection of your personal diet needs and will you allow you to meet your daily water needs. The ISOJUG weighs about lbs & measures 6.25 x6.25 x10.5 . This amazing water bottle holder comes with 1 leak proof ice pack and a shoulder strap. The ISOJUG features a easy access top loading zippered compartment that simple in and out of your 1 gallon water bottle, no more trying to pull and push to squeeze your bottle in. The 2 outside mesh pockets for quick access to nonperishable items such additional bottles, phone, keys & headphones. Remember the ISOJUG also includes a padded shoulder strap & a molded handle, maximizing the comfort of carrying your bag Isolator Fitness is a company committed to helping you achieve your goals by providing as much convenience as possible. All of our bags comes with a Lifetime Warranty on our American made zippers & the stitching, w/registration. Isolator Fitness is highly recognized in the fitness industry for the quality of their products.