- Harmony Fishing Company Tungsten Nail Weights [Select Size] (Lead-Free/No Lead Nail Weights For Neko/Wacky Rig Fishing) (Natural, 1/32Oz)

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  • 100% environmentally friendly tungsten is twice as dense as lead. This means that your tungsten weight is half the size of of a lead nail weight of the same weight. Twice the density also equals double the sensitivity, as vibrations from the lake bottom transmit through your tungsten nail weight.

  • Harmony Fishing's Tungsten Nail Weights are perfect for Neko Rigging or adding weight to Texas Rigs or Wacky Rigged Worms. Add a nail weight to the tail of your texas rigged senko/stick bait to create a more vertical fall, allowing your bait to penetrate deeper into eel grass and other vegetation rather than horizontally laying on top of the grass.

  • Whether you're fishing the neko rig, wacky rig, texas rig, or any other application that takes advantage of nail weights, Harmony Fishing's 100% Tungsten Nail Weights allow you to quickly add weight to your bait in order to perfect your presentation for targeting largemouth/smallmouth bass or other sport fish.

  • [10 Pack] Includes ten (10) Tungsten Nail Weights (also known as neko rig weights, wacky worm weights, pencil weights, pagoda weights, nail sinkers / sinker nails, or fishing insert weights)

  • Manufactured and warrantied for one year by Harmony Fishing Company.

  • Color : Natural

  • Size : 1/32oz

Professional anglers have already made the switch to tungsten weights from older lead weights/sinkers. Finally, Tungsten weight prices are affordable enough to allow the casual fisherman to fish these superior tungsten weights.

Tungsten is twice as dense as lead, meaning that your tungsten weight is now 50% smaller for the same weight as your old lead weight. This increased density also means greater sensitivity by transmitting more vibration up the line to the angler, allowing you to feel the bottom like never before.

Our Tungsten Neil Weights are ideal for Neko Rigging, as well as adding weight to Wacky Rigged worms. You can also add a nail weight to the tail of a texas rigged senko in order to create a more vertical fall, allowing your bait to penetrate further into grass rather than resting on top of it.

Tungsten is a more environmentally friendly material than lead, and will soon replace lead as lead weights are being banned in many regions.