Gm Climbing Ultra-Light Screw Locking Carabiner Ce Uiaa Certified Green

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  • EXTRA-LIGHT! 53 GRAMS ONLY weighs this screw locking climbing carabiner.

  • SNAG-FREE! CARABINER with key-lock mechanism prevents from gear, bolt or rope snagging.

  • ROPE-FRIENDLY! The part of carabiner where the rope comes in direct contact is designed to be rounded with the purpose that rope runs smoothly.

  • COMPACT but STRONG! Of offset D shape, the carabiner transfers most of the weight to the spine when loaded, providing greater strength than other shape carabiners.

  • UIAA and CE STANDARD! The carabiner got both CE and UIAA Certified. A keep-you-safe and high-quality manufactured carabiner for you!

  • Color : Green

  • Size : Pack of 5

GM CLIMBING 24kN Extra-light Locking Carabiner

Are you waiting for a carabiner which is extra-light but strong to lighten your rack, keep you from fatigue when climbing up
Here is the carabiner that you required!
Weighs only 53g! This locking carabiner is made of light aircraft-grade aluminum.
The designer also cut off the extra medal part of the body to lose weight while keep the part which is in direct contact with rope perfectly rounded for smooth rope pull.
Carabiners are always the majority in your equipment family, whether in quantity or in weight.
Get prepared of carabiners of less weight is always what we climbers should take into consideration, especially for a long-time climbing.
High-quality-manufactured carabiner with CE and UIAA Certified and with rating to 24kN Breaking strength, is qualified for almost all the anchor settings and main belay biner.


Material: 7075 Aircraft-grade Aluminum alloy (anodized)
Hot Forged
Standard Finish: Red Anodized
Breaking Strength: 24kN - Minor axis: 7 kN - Open gate: 7 kN
Gate opening(d): 19 mm
Length: 99mm - Width: 62.5mm
Weight: 53g / 1.87Oz
Certification: CE 1019 EN 12275 / UIAA 121