Gender Reveal Baseball Set - 2 Baseballs (1 Blue Ball, 1 Pink Ball) Exploding With Powder - Best Idea For Boy Or Girl Baby Sex Revealing Party

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  • PACKED WITH POWDER - Each ball contains the maximum amount of powder inside for the best poof of colored smoke! SWING HARD FOR BEST RESULTS!

  • REMOVABLE RIBBON - Indicating the blue or pink powder inside. Each set contains 1 BLUE and 1 PINK baseball, once the ribbon is removed, nobody will know the color until the ball is hit!

  • FULLY GUARANTEED - We guarantee our quality, however if you happen to be unsatisfied, please contact us and we will make things right, that's our promise!

  • NON-TOXIC + ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - We use the highest quality balls, the most vibrant powder, and the safest materials. Stand back when the batter is swinging!

  • PERFECT GIFT - Expecting parents LOVE this gift if they are into baseball or softball! With 1 pink + 1 blue Vibrant Powdered baseball, you're in for an exciting day!

  • Color : Pink, Blue

Winsharp's Premium Quality Baseballs

With realistic looking baseballs that shatter to pieces upon impact, revealing our bright pink or blue powder, this swing will be the most memorable one of your life!

What's Inside the Box?

Included is one baseball containing pink powder (indicated by removable pink ribbon), and one baseball containing blue powder (indicated by removable blue ribbon).

How to Achieve the Best Results:

Our baseballs will have the biggest poof of colored smoke if they are hit with a wooden or metal baseball bat with a full swing. Please do not stand in front of the baseballs when swinging! Quality Guaranteed! If you have any issues with your gender reveal, feel free to contact us through the amazon platform or email us at