Berkley Highjacker Top-Water Fishing Bait 100, 3/5 Oz, Mf Bluegill, 100 3/5 Oz

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  • Tail-weighted design for longer casts

  • Hydrodynamic profile

  • Smaller profile can easily be walked at high speeds

  • Flat sides add flash and surface disturbance

  • Ideal for targeting aggressive-schooling fish

  • Color : MF Bluegill

  • Size : 100mm(3/5 oz)(1 Count)

Designed to target aggressive schooling fish, the Berkley highjacker fishing bait delivers long-distance casting and boasts an easy-to-walk action that is sure to attract fish. The lure is built with a heavy internal Weighting system for super-long casts to reach active schools of fish during those small windows of time when they come to the surface to feed. Its unique hydrodynamic body shape is ideal for matching smaller bait and makes it incredibly easy to walk the dog at any speed. The attractant is armed with three sharp Berkley Fusion19 treble hooks, making it a must-have for anglers who chase aggressive schooling fish.