Berkley Cane Walker Top-Water Fishing Bait 125, 5/6 Oz, Blue Bullet, 125 5/6 Oz

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  • Heavy tail weight for long-distance casting

  • Lively side-to-side action with minimal effort

  • Loud rattling chamber and spitting cupped mouth for added attraction

  • Aerodynamic body shape

  • Balanced weight makes it easy to walk the dog

  • Color : Blue Bullet

  • Size : 125mm(5/6 oz)(1 Count)

The Cane Walker fishing bait delivers the most surface disturbance of any Berkley top-water lure. Complete with a loud rattling chamber and a spitting Cupped mouth, the bait provides an aggressive sound and splash that draw curious fish to the surface. The Cane Walker is designed with an aerodynamic body shape heavily tail weighted to cast long distances and is perfectly balanced to walk with minimal effort. Armed with three Fusion19 treble hooks, the Cane Walker is sure to get the attention of fish and trigger explosive strikes.