Bassdash Fly Fishing Nymph Flies Kit, Pcs Fly Lure, With Ultrathin Fly Box

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  • Every fly angler should be sure to fill their fly box before each outing, and Bassdash offers the selection to do so at great prices

  • The 96-piece Nymph Flies Kit is chocked full of assorted nymphs that are hand tied and feature round bend hooks

  • Please refer to the pictures for the detailed fly patterns and sizes

  • Include an ultrathin reusable fly storage box

  • This must-have nymphs selection is sure to be effective for both stocked and resident fish at any still water and running water

  • Color : 96 pcs nymphs kit with ultrathin fly box

The Bassdash Flies Kits are prepackaged fly fishing lure combos that make selecting the right flies for getting started in a snap - eliminating the guesswork that can be so intimidating to a new fly angler.

While the experienced angler will find plenty of value in these packs they are primarily geared at giving the newbie a hand up into the sport. All the hard work has been done for you. The flies have been selected, categorized and placed in packs that are well defined and easy to understand. The quality and durability is unquestionable and each fly provides a learning opportunity, a chance to discover the complex world of selecting and using flies.