Ab Doer 360 Accessory - 2 Sets Of Resistance Bands, 2 Ankle Straps &Amp; 2 Handles To Help You Work Harder!

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  • Tone your Arms, Shoulders, Chest and Back and even your Thighs, Hips and Buttocks

  • Progressive Resistance options keep you challenged from workout to workout

AB Doer 360 Accessory Kit 2 Sets of Resistance Bands, 2 Ankle Straps & 2 Handles to Help you Work Harder on your AB Doer 360 unit! If you want to tone up your arms, shoulders, chest and back and even your thighs, hips and buttocks, then the AB Doer 360 Resistance Bands allows you to perform the same exercises you would perform at the gym with dumbbells and barbells and cable machines. Simply attach each end of the Bands to the Hooks located on the front base legs of your AB Doer 360 machine, and you'll be able to curl, press and row. To work your lower body, simply secure the Ankle Stirrup around your ankle and kick, lift and push your legs, hips and buttocks into their best shape ever. Progressive resistance options keep you challenged and realizing great results from workout to workout.