Senior Exercise Dvd: Simply Seated With Curtis Adams Is An Invigorating Total Body Chair Workout. Warm Up, Cardio/Endurance, Weight Traning, Stretching And More!

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  • ALL EXERCISE ARE DONE SEATED: This is an invigorating chair exercise DVD that will give you a total body workout- right in your chair. Chair exercises everyone can do.

  • PROVIDES A TOTAL BODY WORKOUT: This seated exercise DVD is a complete total body workout including cardio, abs, core, strength training and stretching. Sitting exercise DVD that is perfect for you!

  • CURTIS ADAMS IS THE HOST OF NATIONAL SENIOR EXERCISE TELEVISION SERIES A NEW WAY 2 MOVE: Curtis has over 15 years of experience working with seniors of all skill levels and developing senior workouts that produce results. Exciting workout in your chair.

  • CHAIR EXERCISES FOR EVERY SKILL LEVEL: Simply Seated is perfect for seniors and active adults of any skill level. Beginners can start off slow and increase as their stamina and strength progresses. It is perfect for seniors, beginners, as well as more advanced users to sit and get fit!

  • VOTED #1 SEATED WORKOUT FOR SENIORS: In addition to maximizing benefits, Simply Seated is fun! It is not a boring workout. You will look forward to the exciting moves and Curtis' motivational words through out the workout.

Join Curtis Adams, host of national senior exercise television series A New Way 2 Move, for this exciting workout in your chair. This senior exercise DVD is easy-to-follow and specifically designed for senior citizens and active adults age 55+ seeking safe and effective chair exercises. It is not a slow paced boring workout (lifting your arm, twisting your wrist) It is an invigorating chair workout that you will enjoy for years.

All exercises are done seated but are still challenging and effective

  • Easy to follow total body workout - helps you regain strength, stamina, improve your posture and reduce falls
  • Core training will help reduce your waistline and strengthen your back and abs
  • Cardio exercises will help increase your stamina and provide overall heart health

Every exercise has been modified to get the maximum benefits. Simply Seated one of the best chair exercise workouts and this senior fitness video is sure to get you moving towards better health and wellness.

Curtis Adams, the host, is nothing short of amazing. His sincere compassion and charisma shine through as he instructs, motivates, and teaches techniques to prevent falls and increase strength safely.

Health Benefits Include:

  • Regaining energy
  • Improving balance
  • Stimulating muscle
  • Development
  • Refining motor skills and coordination
  • Boosting stamina
  • Increasing heart health
  • Restoring flexibility and improving range of motion.

Equipment needed: a sturdy chair, light dumbbells (optional).