Outdoor Games Led Kickball With Led Armbands, Cones, Pump, And Bag - Light Up The Night With This Glow In The Dark Kickball Set (Button Activated)

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  • Fun won't stop when the sun goes down with this LED Kickball

  • Our competitor's lights come out when kicked too hard, Ours Does Not with our new and original LED Light

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  • Purchase this LED Kickball Bundle to keep the memories going with your friends and family

  • Keep the Kids happy by continuing the fun despite the sun going down

Do you remember as a child, or maybe even as a young adult, what it meant when the sun started to go down? I know for me that meant that I had to go inside and that I could no longer stay Outside and Play Sports with my friends because I would not be able to see a thing! Well now, with this LED Ball, play for you or your kids can continue. When the sun goes down, bring out Outdoor Games' LED Kickball and keep the fun going until it is time for bed. And with our new and improved battery/light, feel free to kick the ball as hard as you want, because the battery/light will not go anywhere. Also, save some battery life with our LED ball! It is not action activated any longer, instead, it is button activated. The button is located in the battery/light cap! To install/uninstall battery/light, remember to deflate the ball a little to make things easier on your muscles. Whether you are Outdoors or Indoors, you will have fun playing in the dark.