Daisy Powerline 7880 880 35 880S Reseal Kit Seal Gun Bb Air Rifle Set O-Rings Rebuild

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NOTICE: The pressure chamber seal in this kit will not work on all Daisy 880's. Older models will likely need item # 151749918749, the old style rebuild kit. New reseal kit for 35/880s/7880/880 Daisy Powerline air rifles. It will not work with most older metal receiver 880's and some plastic receiver 880's that use the old style pressure chamber seal. The easiest way to tell is the Old Style guns have a brass pump tube and the New Style guns have an aluminum pump tube. You can usually distinguish which material your pump tube is made from without dis assembly. This kit works for guns with an Aluminum pump tube only. It will work for the guns made in china, they are marked as such and have an aluminum pump tube. This kit will replace the most common wear parts on the rifle. It includes new O-rings for the pump tube and pump head, new O-ring for the exhaust valve seat, new foam oil wiper and a new pressure chamber seal. My Daisy 880 Dis-assembly video: http://youtu.be/r8N-gDrZATM?list=UUx516iRypL0fH9giVSXAVMw My Daisy 880 Re-assembly video: http://youtu.be/2V9JPcNgG6A