Ilure Alabama Umbrella Rig With 5 Arm 8 Blade 2 Pcs For Bass Fishing Lure Salwater Stripers Swim Bait (Pink 8 Blade)

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  • 1. GREAT PRODUCT !!! Alabama Rig look a school of shad because it had 8 willow leaf blades. held up well while striped bass fishing, It's great for Sand bass (white bass) in open water, a good product worth the money.

  • 2. PERFECT IMPROVEMENT !!! The blades would stay in place spinning, 9in from tip of head to the end of the arms which allows you to spread out the arms enough to ensure that the swim baits are seperated enough to ensure the schooling effect .

  • 3. WORKS WELL !!! When loaded with lures, He is a bit heavy, So use a long stiff pole and really chunk it.

  • 4. GREAT GIFT !!! Alabama Umbrella Rig Can be given to fishing father, brother, nephew, boyfriend.

  • 5. GREAT PRICE !!! We are factory, Alabama Rig has a 1-year warranty, If you have any problem, Just write to us. You got nothing to lose! PLEASE BUY NOW!!!

  • Color : Pink 8 blade

A works so well Very good looking alabam rig , catch bass in the 7+ lb range , no had any breakage yet on the hardware

. This rig is a compact, flashy, finesse-style umbrella rig equipped with eight spinnerbait blades to help it further imulate a small school of baitfish
. This rig is featuring super-strong flexible wire that lets you fish any type of lure,cast it farther and work it at any depth
. all the while presenting the bait chase appearance
With this rig you will be catching more than one bass at a time it has 5 wires and sometimes this rig catches up to 4 bass per cast

Great for use with freshwater/saltwater baits
Classic Strong and Flexible Arms Stainless Steel Arms