Dupont Dns446601 Non-Stick 14 Oz &Amp; Silicone 4 Oz Value Pack

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  • Bundle and save almost 20% with this value pack of DuPont non-stick 14 oz. Aerosol and DuPont silicone 4 oz. drip bottle

  • Non-stick is a unique 100% dry-film Teflon coating and lubricant leaving a long-lasting micro-thin, dirt-resistant Coating effective from -100 F to +500 F

  • A clean, light-duty product, DuPont silicone lubricant with Teflon Fluoropolymer is excellent for non-metal materials that may be damaged by conventional lubricants

  • DuPont silicone waterproofs, protects, lubricates, and preserves materials including metal, plastic, vinyl, leather, and wood

  • Do not use this product in an attempt to repair or resurface any Type of cooking equipment

  • Size : DuPont Non-Stick 14 oz & Silicone 4 oz Value Pack

DuPont Non-Stick is a unique dry-film lubricant that leaves a long-lasting, micro-thin, DuPont Teflon Fluoropolymer coating that repels dirt, resists corrosion, and reduces friction and squeaks. Non-Stick dry-film goes on wet to penetrate, then sets up with a clean, dry, white micro-thin coating film that bonds to most surfaces and lubricates parts to reduce sticking and squeaking. Its thin coating is excellent for tight tolerances and sliding tracks, and helps materials resist chemical contaminants and water. DuPont Silicone Lubricant with Teflon Fluoropolymer waterproofs, protects, lubricates, and preserves rubber, plastic, vinyl, leather, metal, and wood. This silicone-rich formula is a great all-purpose lubricant around the home, shop, and worksite. Use on treadmills, sliding parts, windows, doors, rubber door gaskets, and much more. Formulated with Teflon Fluoropolymer to outperform other silicone sprays in terms of longer lubricant life, enhanced wear protection, better high and low temperature range, and increased resistance to water. Performs in extreme temps from -40 degrees F (-40-degrees C) to 400 degrees F (204 degrees C).