Slim Abs Waist Trainer Sweat Belt With Slimming Cream Waist Trimmer For Women And Thermogenic Workout Gel (Beige, S/M)

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  • GET READY TO SWEAT: Achieving a slimmer tummy can be easy with the sauna effect of our Slim Abs Thermal fabric. Increase sweat around your belly and maximize workout results and calorie burn while stimulating water weight loss for a leaner stomach.

  • COMFORTABLE & ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: The Slim Abs Waist Trainer belt for women can be wrapped around your waist and adjusted as band. Its Velcro straps allow you to adjust the level of compression and waist training to let you pick the ideal fit and use it as an hourglass shaper belt. Its neoprene fabric turns into a sweat vest that comfortably adapts to your waistline and helps you mold a curvier figure.

  • SLIM & CURVY FIGURE: Whether you're plus or regular size, all body types need a little help to be in their best shape. Start boosting your physical activities while molding a curvalicious figure with the help of the Slim Abs Waist Trainer Belt.

  • SLIMMING & FIRMING GEL: The Slim Abs Slimming hot cream is designed to stimulate sweat and improve your workout performance by fighting muscle fatigue while firming skin and muscles. Its ingredients help you tone muscles as well as fight cellulite in the applied area.

  • ENHANCE YOUR WORKOUTS: Get the best possible results out of your physical activities with the Slim Abs combo kit. The Slim Abs Waist Trainer provides heat and compression to act as an ab stimulator and waist snatcher. Combined with the Slimming gel to boost your fitness performance and firm skin. This is the ideal belly fat burner kit for women.

  • Color : Beige

  • Size : S/M

Slim your body and shape your waist with the Slim Abs Waist Trainer with Slimming Gel combo! Wear the perfect waist trimmer trainer belt for women and match it with a slimming cream to firm your skin and complement your workouts. The Slim Abs Waist Trainer band with Neoprene matches your coolest workout outfit and enhances water weight loss through increased sweat. This leads an increase in calorie burn and a leaner tummy. The Slim Abs preworkout gel will be your new workout partner by enhancing your exercises with ingredients that fight muscle fatigue, firm your skin and help you tone your muscles. Don't waste your money on other weight loss products, Slim Abs Waist Trainer with Slimming Cream is the ideal belly fat burner kit for women.